You made it all the way here and you are obviously interested so let’s begin…

Apparently, there is too little time in a life to completely enjoy everything that should be enjoyed; most of us give up and choose a hobby or two to sate out desires; in the process limiting our exposure to life’s experiences. I have my hobbies but I also still have an ambitious belief that I can completely enjoy everything that should be enjoyed in this world.

Technology related interests & an analytical mind have helped me to walk from job to job enabling us to live the life that me and my beautiful wife want to live. I run a home based business in Cairns, AH Computers, knowing that it will be able to eventually substitute my needed income to a level where I no longer need to seek employment.

In my current employed role I work as a Systems Analyst for the Tablelands Regional Council. Previously, I lived in Crystal Reports compiling figures and statistics as a public servant for QLD Health. I have also worked my share of support / network admin based roles and probably won’t go back there any time soon. I do leave behind a very unique footprint with past employers as I believe in complete automation of tasks & taking advantage of Microsoft operating systems to their fullest. A task should never be repeated manually more than once.

I like to identify systems that lack efficiency or require unnecessary human involvement and then redesign them with none of their prior inefficiencies. My first commercially viable system ‘Carnage’ was released in 2009. Carnage is a database application for sports carnivals.

As a Cairns local, my business provides services to the local Far North Queensland area. I specialise in:

  • Application development
  • Systems Optimisation
  • Hardware & software repairs
  • Crystal Reports development

I now have 10 years’ experience in Information Management limited only by my age.

I choose to work indoors behind the glare of an LCD monitor but to be completely honest, I can’t stand the indoors. I escape as often as I can to the ocean, a river, the scrub or the rainforest. And then a few times a year I get away with a crew of good mates to rack up tallies on a leader board & see who can catch an excess of Barramundi.

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