Request a Computer Repair

Software or Hardware?

When a computer starts failing the first point of call is to pinpoint whether it is a software or hardware fault. Typically hardware faults will be random whereas software faults will be regular & predictable.

Do it Yourself?!

Computer componentry is cheap and accessible for everybody.

Computers are modular and simple to disassemble.

Most repairs can generally be done at home.

… just saying…

Nothing Lasts for Ever

As computers age they fail more frequently. When purchasing a new computer you will almost always be asked if you want an extended warranty; SAY YES! As much as we love repairing computers, we always remember to charge you a repair bill.

If you plan to own a computer for 3 years or more there is a 95%+ chance that it will have required hardware repairs at least once. The cost of the extended warranty will be less than the costs of the first repair.

No Win, No Fee

We are not superman & sometimes the case does arrive where despite our best efforts your computer issue just can’t be tamed. If your computer can’t be repaired we will humbly admit defeat & there will be no repair costs incurred by you.

Unfortunately, when callouts are involved we are required to always charge a travel fee upfront regardless of the outcome.

Booking a Computer Repair

AH Computers will quote the value of your repair work before beginning. This quotation process will not cost you anything. Email us or call 0408 741 128 for a price and to have the job done properly the first time.