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Getting Started

Becoming a competent Crystal Report Developer only requires a time investment in training. There are many courses offered around the world by trainers who specialise in basic to expert levels of Crystal report training. These courses generally average a $3000 expenditure once travel & accommodation is factored in.

To become an efficient, accurate & productive Crystal Report Developer requires attention to detail, the ability to visualise data, a thorough understanding of SQL & practices to foster ease of future re-development. The skills required to develop quality reports with Crystal can’t be taught in a classroom.

Past Experiences

Everybody has had an experience with a Crystal Report that just wouldn’t. It’s unfortunate that this usually leaves a bad taste in the mouth of a lot of end users.

Usually reports that won’t generate are actually working. Its just that they are off collating hundreds of thousands of records on the client side & then attempting to perform grouping, sorting, filtering… with little regard for how long these processes can take.

A good Crystal Report does as close to zero client side processing as possible. It also employs strict record selection criteria so that only required records that are relevant to the entered report parameters are returned from the server; already grouped & in the correct order.

During the first few weeks of 2013 I worked on Crystal Report templates which generate Rates Bills for around 25,000 households. Originally these reports were developed by a consultancy of competent Crystal Report Developers. Needless to say, some of the finer details had been left out of the report & very little attention had been paid to detail. The developers had inserted a sub-report that returned all 25,000 records for each report.

Originally each report took 16 seconds to generate. When running all 25,000 reports in a batch job, that’s a total processing time of nearly 5 days! Once repaired the reports generated at a rate of around 2 per second; saving the business a lot of electricity & downtime.

Ask the Question

Don’t pay twice!

If you are looking at paying for a Crystal Reports consultant to develop reports for your business, ask them the question…

Are just another competent developer; or are you an efficient, accurate & productive developer?

If you don’t ask, you will end up paying a second time to repair the mistakes of somebody who couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to the details of your requirements.

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