Data Recovery

Data Storage Devices Fail!

All data storage devices will eventually fail; this is inevitable!

If you value your data you need to perform regular backups… but if you are reading this… its likely that you forgot to do your last backup right? (or the cat ate it, or you lost it)

If you are in a situation where you need to recover data, STOP USING THE DEVICE IMMEDIATELY! Any further use of the storage device will lessen the chances of a successful recovery.

How Bad?

Depending upon your circumstance, data can be recoverable from a drive without the need for disassembly.

Accidentally deleted files or formatted drives can be recovered with a very high success rate. Drives that are intermittently making clicking sounds can usually be quickly backed up & recovered too.

Unfortunately, if the drive has incurred full mechanical failure, you are going to be looking at a costly exercise. The task of attempting to recover data from a hard drive that has failed mechanically is best left to a data recovery laboratory with a white room free from dust and other contaminants. AH Computers can not provide these services & will never attempt any mechanical repair of a hard drive.

Request Our Services

We provide data recovery services in Cairns, Queensland for drives that have not mechanically failed. Email us or call 0408 741 128 for a price and an honest answer about the likeliness of successful data recovery.