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Laptops fail at a high rate!

It’s not rocket science, once you cram all of the componentry required inside of a tiny laptop case, heat becomes an issue. Whats one of the largest contributors to laptop hardware failure? You guessed it… Heat!

And then you have software type failure which is generally due to a virus.

Virus removal = Owned by male teenager = Too many ‘Questionable’ sites

Overheating = Owned by female teenager = Laptop sits in front of crossed legs on top of bed

Hardware failure example

If your laptop starts randomly restarting without a BSOD and gives no  indication in event logs that the crash was caused by a driver or software, it  is likely to require ‘Open Hardware Surgery’.

Enough humour, if the event log shows an error message along the lines  of ‘The previous shutdown event was unexpected…’ with no previous error  event logged, it is time to start hardware diagnosis. Hardware diagnosis  can be done with software & in the case of a laptop restarting, non dispersing excess heat will generally be the cause.

My weapon of choice for diagnosis of overheating issues is SpeedFan. Why? Because it is a solid yet raw piece of software and that’s how I roll. With SpeedFan running on this laptop the case was reporting temperatures for 0-5% CPU load of 62 degrees Celsius. NOT  GOOD.

Just to demo the issue of a hot laptop to the client I knocked up a quick script to continue hammering the loop-back with pings until we told it to stop. Surprisingly the CPU stayed stable for the tests; but forcing a 100% CPU  load for 25 seconds had temperatures soar to 88 degrees. Back to the shops workbench it goes and the real fun begins.

Laptop manufacturers have this really annoying habit of designing cases and boards so that access to componentry is limited to ZERO without a complete strip down. Don’t be scared of cracking open a laptop case; just make sure that there is a method to your madness. Place each level of screws (External Case, Internal Case, Keyboard, Board) separately & take care with ribbon connectors. Proprietary parts cost a fortune to source and replace if you break them.

The reason for the overheating was a nice layer of insulation between the heatsink fins and fan (Must have been a Peter Garret bodged installation). Constant overheating had caused the heat sink paste to dry up & stop conducting heat.

With the insulation removed the  laptop sat idle at 43 degrees & under load didn’t break a sweat above  60.

If you don’t want this to happen to your laptop, use it in a dust/lint free   environment.


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We provide a professional laptop repair service in Cairns, Queensland. If you are within the Far North Queensland area we may be able to provide onsite services. Email us or call 0408 741 128 for a price and to have the job done properly the first time.